Do you believe in God?
I believe that there is a bigger force than any of us can comprehend.  I do not necessarily believe that this force is of a masculine energy. 
As a matter of fact, I would argue that this force is a feminine energy. I have a tendency to look at the bigger picture, not just the dot. 
Everything in the earth realm is feminine, therefore, it just makes sense to me that the universe/force would be feminine as well.

Why do you hate Jesus?
Hating him means that I believe in him right?  I am often told that I got this thing all wrong; Jesus did walk this earth and that he was a
revolutionist.  I say that if he did walk this earth, where is the evidence? That is all I ask.  If someone can prove to me that this Jesus exist
OUTSIDE of the Bible, I will shut this site down as well as my LAC show.  As a matter of fact, I will return to Christianity and run all the way
for Jesus. Iíll waitÖÖ

Why do you focus so much on Christianity?
Although I have dabbled in several religions, my indoctrination came from the Christian lifestyle.  I was born and raised a Baptist, then
Pentecostal, then Islamic, then Hebrew Israelite, then non-denomination and then finally who I am now. To my understanding, ALL religions
(or gangs I call them) are man-made.  Although I deal with all religion on my show,  my focus is in the area that I have had the most

What type of training have you had?
Well, as I just stated, I was born and raised a Baptist, then Pentecostal, then Islamic, then Hebrew Israelite, then non-denomination and
then finally who I am now..FREE. I worked in every area of the ďministryĒ. Over the course of about 30 plus years, I managed to be a member
of the choir, the missionary board, the usher board; a Sunday school teacher, bible study teacher, Pastorís Aid/Armor Bearer, and a national
licensed Minister. Check out the "About Us" page for more of my bio. Oh, did I say that I was married to Jesus as well?

Do you not know that God loves you?
OkayÖ.Which God are you referring to? Seti? Vishnu? Shiva? Xenu? Akuma? Raiden? Gekka? Bumba? Eshu? Jupiter? Romulus? Ilia? Venus?
Abaangui? Ewah? Imhotep? Periboriwa? Yahweh? Allah? Thor? Wotan? Zeus? Isis? Osiris? Loki? Odin? Mithra? Lolth? Aphrodite? Poseidon?
Cronos? Horus? Beddru? Krishna? Zarathustra? Baal? Dagon? Dionysus? Enki? Gaia? Helios? Hermes? Marduk? Quetzalcoatl? Ra? Dagda?
Ishtar? Baldur? Tyr? Quetzalcoatl? Ixchel? Qi-Lin? Dievas? Adonis? Xanthus? Kali? Akka? Anubis? Sif? Mercury? Juno? Brahma? Frith? Or one
of tens of thousands of others? The only true living God that I know of personally is my MOTHER, and YES, Eye know that she loves me very

How do you feel about those who tell you things like "you are gonna bust hell wide open?"  "you will not inherit
the Kingdom of God if you don't repent"...ect...
I don't have any feelings about it.  I was taught that same "scare" tactic to use against non-believers.  I was also taught to say these threats
to believers to keep them convicted of their actions.  FYI...I do not even want to inherit this "kingdom of God" so repenting is out of the

You have been there. Why are you so hard on Christians?
Itís simple; because I care. I realize that religion is the biggest barrier that we have as a people.  Christianity keeps people in a stupor.
Although I try to be understanding and humble in my teachings, sometimes I have to bring it raw to get it to hit home. Besides, I donít start
out being hard on them (at least I donít think I do). Christians attack me first and usually that causes me to turn it up even the more on LAC. 
I tell Christians all the time, if you donít want me to keep it real, then please don't contact me with the nonsense. I am here to help people
to liberate themselves; those who truly desire it. No, I canít set you free, but I can assist you on your journey to becoming free.

Why do you spend so much time speaking out against a religion you donít believe in? Are you obsessed?
Not obsessed, just passionate.  I know what it feels like to be in mental bondage and not know it.  Once you see the big picture, it will be
hard for you to believe that you were once a Jesus joker.  Besides, my website, facebook community, and radio show would not exist if it
wasnít for Religion.

When did you give up Christianity or all religions for that fact?
My sobriety date is November 27th, 2011.  That was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  It was dark; it was scary; it was worth the

Where do you go when you die?
This is actually simple.  We learned this in science class.  Energy doesnít die. It just dissipates in one area and reappear somewhere else.
Because WE ARE energy, we will never see death; only your earth suite called a body will have this experience.

Isnít that rather sad? No afterlife?
Whatís sad is watching people squander decades of their lives under the delusion that theyíre super heroes on a divine mission with eternal
reward. Again, keep in mind that we are energy, so that means that once we leave this body, our energy reappears somewhere else. At that
point, you will become infinite instead of the finite state that you were in.

You were a Christian for over 40 years? What took you so long to walk away?
When youíre indoctrinated from birth, itís not as easy as it sounds. I compare it to the coma patient who takes weeks or even months to
regain full consciousness. Emerging from the cocoon of religion is rarely done easily or quickly. It took me 43 years total to wake up from
the slumber that I was in. Awakening is really just you regaining some of your memory. I give thanks that I was able to regain some of my
memory back.

Do you have religious friends?
I have a couple. We respect each otherís gods and beliefs; so far so good.

It is rumored that you started out on Christian radio. Is that true?
Guilty as charged!  I started out hosting a 30 minute segment once a week until I was told to tone down my topics or else I had to break my
contract. Well, guess what I did? Yep, you guessed right.  I broke my contract and moved to internet radio.  That was the best move ever by
the way.

Pet peeves?
Stupid people...PERIOD....Not ignorant people. I am okay with them because they just don't know, but a stupid person doesn't know and
doesn't want to know.  Also stupid people can hear something that may free them, but yet they choose to ignore what they have heard.

Who inspires you?
Me of course, and many of you who have decided to think out side of the box.