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Leaving Your Religion by Jim Mulholland
Product Description

If you’ve considered leaving your religion, you are not alone. Each year over two million adults in the United States decide to no longer identify themselves with a specific religion. In 2012, according to the annual Pew Forum American Religious Identity Survey, over 45 million (20%) of the adults in the United States no longer claimed a religious tradition. For a variety of reasons, many are discovering religion doesn’t work for them any longer. Unfortunately, for those becoming post-religious, there is very little being written by them or for them. In this book, James Mulholland - a former Christian minister and author of several best-selling religious books - offers practical advice to those struggling to make the shift from a religious to a non-religious life. Regardless of your religious background, there are common challenges in this transition. Understanding your losses, obstacles and opportunities can ease your pain and speed your development as a post-religious person. Leaving Your Religion guides those leaving a religious tradition through the process of leaving home, walking away and moving forward. When you think about your religious life or your understanding of God, if you struggle with persistent doubts, growing discomfort and feelings of sadness or anger, Leaving Your Religion may be for you. If you’re already journeying away from religion, it may be a helpful travel guide. The book provides direction for those on the cusp of leaving, those who’ve walked away and those who - though they’ve left their religion - still struggle with sadness or anger. There are questionnaires, reflection questions, exercises, quotes and advice for the journey away from religion. Leaving Your Religion offers a gentle word of encouragement and hope for those seeking to create a non-religious life.
Leaving Jesus by James Wood Jr.
Product Description

Everyone knows that Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Is it possible that they have misunderstood the entire concept of the Messiah and his function in God's spiritual economy? Passages such as Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 13 are viewed as messianic by the Church but has the Church misused them to point to a confused portrait of a man that shouldn't have applied for the position? Is the New Testament an accurate picture of the events surrounding the times of Jesus or, is it fiction? As a former Christian of 25 years and son of a Southern Baptist minister, James entered a Messianic Jewish congregation to experience the teachings of the Messianic movement. Convinced something was terribly wrong, he left the movement and started studying to find the truth. After five years of intensive study and much prayer, James reveals in simple language how Christians have been lead down a path paved with deceit. Starting with the basics of Christianity, James then examines the "Messianic" prophecies that the gospel writers abused to point to Jesus, then the author dispels Christianity and uncovers the truth, beauty and simplicity of the Hebrew Bible. This book is written with two types of people in mind. First, for the Christian, in order to help them understand what they are dealing with when they try to make sense of Jesus and the New Testament. The second type of person, is the one who would like to learn how to defend their beliefs against the Christian missionary that uses the Hebrew Scriptures to promote their version of the messiah and their misplaced emphasis on him.
Firing God by Cheryl Abram.
Product Description

Cheryl Abram was also at the end of her rope: her life was falling apart on every level and she had ‘succeeded’ in making herself unworthy, incomplete and separate. Then, one day this practicing Christian took a ‘leap of doubt’ and fired God, or at least the God she had created.

Cheryl’s outward circumstances did not miraculously improve - this is not a fairy-tale story of allowing abundance into her life. Rather, as she puts it: I’m no longer afraid, anxious or expectant. It’s still about me, but the “me” is not the “me” that I thought it was. It’s not a little limited human being that was born and will die. I am not that. As a human being, I can see that I am connected to everything around me. I am a whole part of the tapestry of this world. We are all here for and as each other. To read how that came about and what it means in an everyday life for Cheryl and the implications for you and me, dive into the pages of this book.
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