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Welcome to Life After Christianity 101 on Dynasty Network Global Radio 1382.  Our show is designed for those of you who are either out of religion, coming out or contemplating coming out...You are not alone...BELIEVE THAT!!!

LAC'S Mission: Our goal is to use the media to encourage, uplift and enlighten our audience before, during and after the transformation of one’s life from Religion to Freedom; to provoke listeners to search for the God WITHIN instead of the God WITHOUT, and to reconnect to the most important part of life….The spirit being.  YOU ARE THE VERY GOD THAT YOU SEEK!
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Release Date: August 1st, 2015
Release Date: August 1st, 2015
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Name:Life After Christianity 101


Description Life After Christianity is a show that is designed for those who are contemplating leaving, or have already left religion. LAC is hosted by those who have spent the majority of their lives wrapped up in Christianity, escaped and survived (spiritually) to tell about it. We are a support group for those who have loved ones still stuck in the European concept of a Savior.

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Life After Christianity 101-Reversing the Curse of Religion:  - Support Group; Radio Broadcast; Christian History; Empowerment; Leaving Christianity; Leaving Religion

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