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Peace and Welcome to Life After Christianity United (LACU). There are many who are waking up to the realization that what they have been taught as a child may in fact be a part of a grand scheme to keep people dumbed down and docile; ignorant to what the truth is about concerning our society, our people, our culture and our planet. Learning such information can leave one in a state of shock as well as disbelief, sadness, angered and confused. That is why LAC Support was created. We are a support group that offers a place to gather with others who are recovering from the effects of Christianity and/or other religions. We want you to know that you are not along in your decision to leave Christianity to become a free thinker. You will feel a sense of relief to meet many other free thinkers in the group. To weed out those who feel the need to enter our forum and preach their God-Spell, we have developed a system that will help us to determine who is admitted into the group. Before you fill out the required survey at the bottom, we recommend that you review our terms to learn what we are about before joining our forum.

..Now, let's be CLEAR on what the LAC group is about.

1. Our support group, "Life AFTER Christianity 101" was created and named by the show's host Empress T'Malkia Zuri in 2012 on Dynasty Network Global Radio 1382. Empress T wanted to provide a "support group" atmosphere for those who are struggling to come out of Christianity, those who are wanting to come out but don't know how, or those who are struggling with loved ones who are still in the "system". Our motto is "Reversing the Curse of Religion".

2. If you have NEVER been a Christian, that is fine, but please have some patience for those who are still stuck in this mind and spirit altering religion.

3. We do not preach on/in our forum. We use bible scriptures ONLY to help make a point of how it has kept our people in bondage. We also use scripture to bring attention to those words that are being used to keep us dumb-down and docile.

4. We do not worship a savior...We don't care if "he" is (in your mind) black, white, brown, pink, yellow,..it doesn't matter....In this group, we do not have that "savior" complex. So dipping "him" in chocolate doesn't give "him" a pass to rest in this group.

5. All religions may feel some sort of "attack" by the things that are posted here. so if you are a Hebrew Israelite, Christian, Muslim, Taoist, Hinduism, Buddhist, ect..you may feel offended by some things that are being said. Just know that we are not attacking you personally, but we are not going to hold our tongue just because you are feeling some sort of way.

7. WE ALL DO NOT SERVE THE SAME GOD! This is one of the biggest misconceptions of all time that we all serve the same God. Do your research and you will see that the biggest wars have been over one group trying to make other groups or people serve ONE God....It will never be "One Nation Under God" because there are just too many of them. Those who are still holding on to this ONE GOD theory are those who are still following the rules of religion...PERIOD!

8. You are not allowed to post advertisements of any sort that is not pertaining to the goal of this group. If your post does not seem clear of its intentions, don't be offended when Eye or my admins ask for you to clarify.

9. Search yourself and decide if this is really where you want to be, because we will not tolerate any religious outbursts here. You are free to ask questions of what you don't understand, give advice on breaking the bondage, offer encouraging and uplifting words, post relative topics, videos and pictures, or just sit back an observe, but you are NOT FREE to bring your religious rhetoric to this group.

Is this support group public or private?
Our Privacy Term:

1. LAC is a closed group. This means that Anyone can find the group and see who's in it, however; only members can see posts.

2. If you share from your personal wall into the group, one can click on the pic and share it directly from your wall.

3. If you upload directly into the group, one cannot share your post or if there is a share option, there will be a warning message stating that all will not be able to see the share due to privacy settings.

*Note, if you are sharing on your mobile, be aware that it will share BUT it will be posted to YOUR wall as if YOU are the ORIGINATOR of that share.

4. Whatever is said in this group should remain in this group unless you have gotten permission from the poster to copy and paste it,

5. If anyone is in violation of our sharing policy, we will deal with the violation accordingly. *** Please note that sharing any information online is NOT guaranteed to be "private" in any forum.  We will do our best to monitor what happens here, but if you really don't want to share your information, be on the safe side and DO NOT SHARE IT ONLINE PERIOD!

6. If you are having an issue with any post here, a poster, or an admin issue you MUST inbox any of the admins to address the issue. We have a team that is in constant contact regarding this group, and we will collectively decide how to handle a situation.

7. DO NOT post your complaints on this wall. You may be posting incorrect information or information that you are not clear or have a clear understanding of. Unclear information can cause confusion and that is what we do not want.

8. Posting complaints can be grounds for member removal immediately.

If you have any questions on facebook and how their privacy works, please visit the link
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