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Welcome to Life After Christianity 101 on Dynasty Network Global Radio 1382.  Our show is designed for those of you who are either out of religion, coming out or contemplating coming out...You are not alone...BELIEVE THAT!!!

LAC'S Mission: Our goal is to use the media to encourage, uplift and enlighten our audience before, during and after the transformation of one’s life from Religion to Freedom; to provoke listeners to search for the God WITHIN instead of the God WITHOUT, and to reconnect to the most important part of life….The spirit being.  YOU ARE THE VERY GOD THAT YOU SEEK!
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The Book That Most Church Leaders Wish Was Never Written
Holy Bible: Bible Contradictions
The Bible is loaded with repetitions and contradictions that Christians will quickly use to condemn a none-believer at the blink of an eye, but how does one take this book seriously? Well, the truth of the matter is: MILLIONS DO! Listen to our powerful broadcast concerning these misguided contradictions by clicking the bLIEble to the right.

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Are You Struggling with Your Spiritual Health? If not you, then maybe perhaps you know someone else who is struggling with their current belief system and spiritual health? If you say "yes" to either question, just know that You (or them) are not alone! Get your copy of "Divorcing Jesus" a book that deals with many of the struggles that people experience when confused about their belief systems.


Many who have never experienced the deep indoctrination of Christianity don't understand the psychosis behind it. Many don't understand how a woman can be so in love with an idea of a man that she is willing to turn her back on everything that she loves. Many don't understand how a man can cry from the depths of his soul about another man that he only heard about through hand-me-down stories and old books. Empress T’Malkia, a twice-ordained National Licensed Minister gives you a deeper look into the psychological aspects of Christianity and its influence on its followers.
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