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Diary of a Mad Black Church Woman
Dimension: 5.5X8.5
ISBN: On File
LCCN: On File
Copyright © 2015
Publisher: Griot Publishing House

Price:  TBD

"The Exodus Series" is what we are calling our Life After Christianity books, and "Divorcing Jesus: A Love Story" is the second book to be released from this series. The Exodus Series is a collection of non-fiction and fiction stories that tackle the struggles of being indoctrinated by religious doctrine, as well as the damaging impact it has had on the human race. The Exodus Series" deals with various topics that many can relate to; they will make some laugh and some cry, but overall, they will bring healing to those who have the desire to leave spiritual bondages to pursue spiritual freedom.
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The So-called Black Church Woman is loyal to her religion, responsible for the up-keeping of the church, the backbone of Godly men but lonely and  mad as hell!  "the Diary of a Mad Black Church Woman" takes a look at the phychosis of black women who are so devoted to the Christian movement that they fail to be the woman that they were created to be. Women of any color will be able to relate to the characteristics of a woman who has lost her self worth while winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

This Book is being revised and will be released in 2016
"The Exodus Series"
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