Life After Christianity is a show that is designed for those who are contemplating leaving, or have already left religion. LAC is hosted by those who have spent the majority of their lives wrapped up in Christianity, escaped and survived (spiritually) to tell about it. We are a support group for those who have loved ones still stuck in the European concept of a Savior.


Empress T is a recovering Christian who is 36 months clean after 44 years of indoctrination, and has devoted much of her time in sharing what she has learned. She was born and raised a Baptist, then converted to Pentecostal, then Islamic, then Hebrew Israelite, then non-denomination. Empress T worked in every area of the “ministry” after attending many classes and receiving certificates of completion. Over the course of about 30 plus years, she managed to be a member of the choir, the missionary board, the usher board; a Sunday school teacher, bible study teacher, Pastor’s Aid/Armor Bearer, and a national licensed Minister by a very prominent and commercialized Bishop.

Empress T's main object
ive is "NOT to convert people, but to encourage them to think outside of the box while provoking them to seek and study for themselves. One will often hear The Empress proclaiming: "We can't liberate you for YOU have to liberate yourself, BUT we can HELP you to BECOME liberated."

I spent years teaching others how to enter into bondage by leading them to Jesus and surrendering their lives to him; now I am going to spend the rest of my years teaching others how to get out of that bondage. My sincere motive is to teach non-christians how to speak to those who are still in that bondage and how to deal with the backlash that one may receive during their journey while attempting to free their loved ones. Empress T
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